September 20, 2013



Hello! My name is Meg Busacca, a Fashion Merchandising student at Academy of Art University and an aspiring Trend Consultant. As far back as I can remember fashion has been an outlet for self expression and a beautiful way to discovering myself. My love affair and fascination with the industry continues to grow, I cling to unique innovation and capitalize on the raw beauty of this world we live in; full of creativity and endless exploration for further fueling my passions.

I believe in embracing your own sense of style and I find joy in helping others create theirs, providing the world with the possibilities of self discovery and implementing an aesthetic that is inspired from my life. The more I continue to learn in school, outside of my classroom doors, through past work experience, and my travels around the world, I am confident and eager to find my footing in the fashion world that will allow me to share my visions.

I believe to have an eye and an ear for authenticity that allows me to develop new insights and methods that I hope to utilize past my educational experience at Academy of Art University. It is a habitual act of mine to teeter the unknown and to divulge myself into measures outside of my comfort zone, to become an avid observer of our zeitgeist and a researcher of our past.

The natural place I find myself bound to is the foundation of fashion; from sales, styling, and marketing, I am able to take on creative tasks with the ability to adapt to new environments with passion and willingness to learn. My goal is to promote personal and professional growth, to inspire others to generate a lifestyle of positivity and beauty while spreading a cultivated talent I am consistently working on and will always keep refining.

I love to spread my fashion knowledge and creative insight with individuals and I hope you will find inspiration through being busacca.