lay it on me

by beingbusacca

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word layer? Heavy comes to my mind. This is something the majority of women in fashion want to avoid, the look of added weight, but in a rare case like this; Nika Tang took layering to a place of ethereal beauty and no one was shying away from it.


Voluminous ruffles, fringe detailing, macramé surfaces, and a pattern exuding an underwater wanderlust, Academy of Art graduate student captures your attention. To design a collection of such oversized form and organic structure is quite the challenge, but Tang rose to the highest peak. It is a risk; with knowing the average fashion female wants a silhouette to show her assets off leading more toward body con pieces, but this collection surmounts any second skin.

As an emerging designer showcasing your personal design aesthetic probably seems daunting, but Nika Tang mastered a collection of authenticity and quality craftsmanship that couldn’t go unnoticed. Designer Tang proclaims she didn’t even add her best piece to the collection, honestly, how much better could it get?