words seem unnecessary

by beingbusacca

I believe the beauty in fashion truly lies in personal aesthetic, the way each individual chooses to portray themselves to the world around them is something I’ve always found intriguing. Developing a sense of style may seem challenging to some and for the select few it is a natural part of their daily life, as for Miroslava Duma, it is clearly intuitive.


The Digital Media Director for Buro247 and a style influencer of our zeitgeist, this lady possesses a fashion sense that is undoubtedly aspirational, one that doesn’t need spoken words to give it validity. Just one quick look, your caught; captivated in her quality of taste in clothing, the ideal juxtaposed pairing of classicism meets chic, femininity mixed with the perfect amount of edge- effortless. Or it seems to be that way and as far as I am concerned, it is this way for her.

As an aspiring trend consultant and an infatuate of the fashion industry, I like to think I share some qualities with Ms. Duma. I was given a special trait that allows for dressing my body to be of something enjoyable, a window for experimentation that I look forward to on a regular basis. I gravitate to unique pieces, whether colorful or monochromatic, fitted or full of sequins, I can relate to her mix-match fashion behavior. Her confidence radiates conveying to us that she loves what she is wearing, but the designers never wear her. Easy, right?